Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Unitas 6497

The Unitas 6497 was originally designed for pocket watches in the 50s. It was famous for being among the best made pocket watch movement ever made at that time. Today, it is seeing a revival thanks to the trend of big watches (minimum 42mm diameter). The movement itself is around 37mm in diameter. The Unitas has 17 jewels and a 46 hour power reserve. It's a handwind movement but can be a bit rough to handle. Here are some comparo photos as to how different brands work their delicate skills onto this solid robust but plain movement. Pictures are taken from various sources I found over Google... so credit goes to them.

Basic Unitas 6497 when it first leaves the factory

Glycine's version

Madison Watch's version with some nice engraving work on the big gears

Ranfft's version with some nice Geneva stripes

Maurice Lacroix's version beautifully decorated with some spiral designs on the large gears

Why am I showing you all this? Well I just got myself a Unitas 6497 powered watch. I fell in love with it at first sight and now I'm a proud owner. Look for photos of it to come soon ^_^