Saturday, June 17, 2006

Kangsane At The Korean Village

The Korean Village is a BIG bunch of shophouses located adjacent to One Ampang Avenue opposite Ampang Point. There are a ton of authentic Korean restaurants there. The challenge is to find one that is good. I've been a regular of Kangsane for a long time and absolutely love their food. Kangsane is located on the same row as Chalet Suisse... somewhere in between Hanwoori Restaurant and PhiliMart. Most of these shops have Korean staff able to speak both Korean and Mandarin. This is what I normally have...

Normally you get a good mix of panchan (side dishes). If you want to replenish the side dishes, you can always ask them in Korean, "Panchan tojuseyo!" or if you want specifically more kimchi, then just "Kimchi tojuseyo!"

You will find similar water bottles everywhere in Korea as well...

I ordered some grilled mackerel. It comes with soy sauce and wasabi for dipping.

A DEFINITE MUST HAVE is their kimchijigge (kimchee cheegay) which is kimchi stew. Their version is super kao... very spicy and superb!

I also ordered soon dooboo the last time around. It's a pot of clam soup with lots of taufu and egg. This dish is mildly spicy.

The meal, for me, cannot be complete without bekseju (pecksayjoo) which in Mandarin is paisuijiu (called 100 yr liquor because it aims to give long life). It has some ginseng in it and tastes much better than soju (which is more like vodka). Lovely to quaff when cold. Remember to observe Korean drinking traditions hehehe...

The aftermath... (note this meal is just nice for 2 people with large appetites)


Now that they've started to serve marinated kalbi (bbq beef rib meat), I will try that the next time round for sure! Other dishes to try at Kangsane are

- buddaejigge (boodaycheegay) aka army stew which has lots of spam and sausages
- goon mandu which is grilled dumplings
- dwenjangjigge (twenchangcheegay) which is bean paste stew
- tukpokki (topoki) which is as ubiquitous in Korea as char kuay teow is here. Basically strips of rice cakes sauteed in chili paste

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