Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman Makes A Triumphant Return

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Review And Spoilers Below

Being a Gen-X kid, I grew up watching the 4 sometimes great movies of Superman back in the early 80s. After having watched reruns of the George Reeves version on TV, Christopher Reeve was a god to us and we really believed a man could fly.

With Bryan Singer's new version, my heart pounded excitedly when the opening credits and the thumping score of John Williams played from the silver screen. It was a GOOD opening and one that justified the legend of Superman.

Clocking almost 3 hours long, I found myself enjoying this flick... even though there are some flaws. The movie melds elements from the earlier Supes movies as well as some elements from the DC comics. Gone are the plastic wrap symbol used to capture General Zod in Superman 2 and the Great Wall Of China building vision of Superman 4... but Superman is now closer to the almost infinite strength and speed of Superman in the comics. Brandon Routh, though looking younger than Superman should, does a good job... and I enjoyed seeing him in the role. I did not like Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane and the kid spoilt it a bit for me (Lois having a kid is not canon in the comics). I thought to myself that for this first movie, they had to weaken Supes in order to give him a bit of challenge... I hope for the next one, they put in some supervillains!

There were some irritating moments in the movie. Too many scenes with 'ground shaking, oh-shit-something-big-is-coming scenes' among other things...

Anyway, go watch the movie... some parts may be a bit sappy (you can hear bits of the old Love Theme in there) and some parts are reminiscent of Titanic (UGH!) but overall, it's a good watch!