Monday, August 14, 2006

True Melaka Fishball!

Went back to Melaka over the weekend...

Dropped by a new restaurant in the heart of Melaka Raya called Asian Havana...

Food was ok but the decor was nice and the location is good... very relaxing. Give them a bit of time and I think they will get better.

Anyway I got to eat the much loved Malacca fishball and hehpiah (prawn crackers). In town, you will find several vendors, each selling these delicacies with their own taste. This one below is from my favourite one. He travels around town during lunchtime and the trick is to know his path so that you can find him during that time.

The fishball's texture is rough and it's very tasty... like an explosion of fish in the mouth. The dipping sauce is chili and also onion tim cheong (sweet sauce). The other items in the mix are prawn crackers, pork meat and water chestnut roll (a type of ngor hiong), yam ball (made from yam and flour), tofu and cucumber. Some of them also serve it with fried battered fish skin and there's another vendor who also sells it with chai pao. This portion you see is RM7.00 - enough for a light snack for 2-3 people on a lazy afternoon!