Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Choose Photography

In 1999, I was relatively happy with my life. I had been working for a few years and decided to reflect upon my life at that point. I had a lot of pastimes but most of them centered around computers and video games. I was born to play video games (something I knew ever since I laid my hands on the joystick for Space Invaders in the early 80s). But I felt empty... I felt I needed a creative outlet. When I was a kid, many commented that I had a talent for drawing/painting but I never developed that. So I search within and without and found a possible solution to my dilemma... photography. What sealed the deal was a trip to Bangkok which yielded horrible photos by my hand. Having decided on that, I went straight to Sungei Wang (it was Foto Shangrila) and took out my credit card to swipe for a Canon EOS300.

It was no stopping me then... at the peak of my photographic activities, I joined and became seriously involved (up to committee level) in 2 major photo clubs in KL. I looked up an old family friend, the Japanese photographer, S Arase Sugawara and learnt what I could from him. I absorbed whatever useful information I could from my seniors and also knowledgeable pros from Singapore and Australia. I was burning RM300+ worth of film and development every month just from practicising my passion. I had since upgraded to the Canon EOS30.

Moving forward to 2003... I decided to switch to digital and bought the market-changing EOS300D - the first DSLR that I felt was 'worth the money'. I had since participated in some small exhibitions. Today I'm using an EOS30D. I can say without hesitation that Photography is the love of my life. It has never disappointed me and has changed the way I look at life. I found joy in having my photos displayed at the National Art Gallery... having my photos make me some money in publications such as Click (which I write for regularly) and bring me to varied locations Korea and Switzerland.

An interesting example of my work shown HERE!

With that I say, take up photography. It is one of the few hobbies in life where you can use the same tools as the best photoartists out there and strive to achieve creative nirvana. For me, the journey has just begun.