Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Of Sneaker Freaker, Lacoste and Kiks Tyo

The cool guys at Sneaker Freaker sent me a free copy of their latest issue in appreciation for linking shots of my sneakers on their site. Good stuff!

Anyway, got myself yet ANOTHER pair of sneakers. This time, it's the iconic clean look of a pair of Lacoste L34s (white leather, milk/claret colour scheme). Was earlier thinking about the pure white/navy colour but it looked too much like Bata Badminton Masters or BM2000s so I skipped that. I had planned to get one of these for a while as I lacked a pair of sneaks that are low cut flats.

Finally, I ordered this a while back and was surprised it came yesterday. What a pleasant surprise it was! Now I can choose to wear this or sell it for some profit. Hmmm do I want Aki Hoshino on me? Hmmm...

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