Monday, May 05, 2008

Chopard's Turn

Was privy to view and experience the new offerings from Chopard for 2008. We were first presented with a nice overview of the boutique at Pavilion and then a short but informative presentation by Chopard. Dinner was at Kampachi (lovely and much better than my first experience of Kampachi Pavilion) and no attention to detail was spared i.e. even the disposable chopsticks were embossed with the Chopard name.

After most of the guests left, we were privy to a special viewing of the 2008 Basel releases. I was deeply impressed with the new Tourbillon with WAS (Winding Assistance System) which has been improved since last I saw it. The crank now has an ingenious locking system so that it will not slip off the crown during winding action. And then there's the lovely Strike One. But mostly, I could not take my eyes (and hands) off the Chrono One. What an impressive piece with great presence! Check them out by clicking on the photo below.

Copyright (c) Kelvin Tan

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