Sunday, November 14, 2004

I love Ikea, I hate Ikea

Had to go shopping at Ikea for specific space-saving solutions... I must say that I love Ikea because of excellent ideas and really cool looking designs that are very functional. Lots of pretty women around too!

However, I must say I hate Ikea for the following reasons...

1) Stupid kids on their bloody Heelys making a nuisance of themselves
2) Bloody ah-sos who block the path of my trolley
3) Slow pokes who block the path of my trolley

And to add to that, it's Hari Raya... why the hell is the Ikea in Klang Valley crowded? Don't these people have somewhere else to go holiday and leave me to shop in peace?

To top it all, I have to go there again soon as I could not get everything I wanted (small car could not possibly fit the drawers I eyed).