Saturday, February 05, 2005

Antoine Preziuso, watchmaker

Wow... had the privilege to attend Antoine Preziuso's watch launch in KL organized by Swiss Union at Westin the night before last...

For those who do not know this name, he's a master watchmaker who has made watches for Patek and Gerald Genta (one of which is the Gerald Charles Tourbillon). In fact, an watch collector who turned up was wearing the one and only piece of the Gerald Charles tourbillon in the world.

You can view his website here

Anyway, Antoine was present last night and it was such a great honour to meet him and talk about his creations with him. He's one of the 5 watchmakers who have the Geneva Seal (criteria about how to obtain the seal here) the other 4 being Patek, VC, Gerald Genta and Roger Dubuis.

As he was launching his own product range for the 1st time, a lot of people in attendance are still unfamiliar with his new products and they felt that the prices were a bit high for a brand relatively unknown in the market.

Anyway, then, he debuted his latest and finest creation, a triple tourbillon (calibre is 52mm in size). It had yet to be shown in Switzerland even and the press over there was very anxious to hear about it. Therefore, us Asians were very excited to hold the thing. They expect only 10 pieces (over 5 years) to be produced and will probably cost 1.2 million Swiss Francs retail when it is released.

Other interesting pieces were saw were a chronograph which had a case made from meteorite. He showed us a solid piece of meteor which cost him USD10k to buy.

I also loved a nice green dragon watch and Moonlight, a moonphase model with rose gold and carbon fiber engraved dial.

So some 'photos'... here you can see some lovely watches... especially the 'special' one he revealed. A couple of moonphases, a chrono and a triple tourbillon! You'll notice that Antoine likes to use exotic material e.g. the stingray skin for some of his straps. Sorry for the crap photos... only had my camera phone with me!

Copyright (c) Kelvin Tan

Another set of watches including an eye-catching worldtimer. Notice the piece of meteorite on the table? It's worth USD10k!

Copyright (c) Kelvin Tan