Sunday, June 04, 2006

Crystal Jade Noodle House

Crystal Jade in Lot10 is fast becoming my favourite Shanghai/Beijing styled restaurant in KL. After a lazy afternoon of curry fish head, I needed a lighter meal hence my choice of CJ's noodles - very cheng mah!

Their chili oil is quite tasty... I think they put in some red hot peppers as well. It's also very potent so use sparingly!

Of course, since I love veg, I had to order their kailan yau choy... very refreshing and crunchy! I can wallop a whole plate of this!

Ah the ubiquitous siu loong bao... and I think this is the best in KL that I've eaten. Check it out!

Some noodle shots...

Szechuan beef I think...

Plain spring onion la mian allows me to enjoy the smooth springy noodles... they are indeed VERY good!

Another definite must have - their mango pudding... very refreshing!

Crystal Jade can be found in many different locations now...

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