Wednesday, January 31, 2007

About Fountain Pens Part 1 - Introduction

I'm starting this series of blogposts to further educate my readers on fountain pens. Many of us have experienced the pleasure/hassle of using fountain pens when we were in primary school through usage of cheap fountain pens from Pilot or Hero. Some of the luckier ones managed to own a nice Parker or Sheaffer handed down from our parents. In today's digital age, most of us rarely get to use a pen for long periods of time, choosing to use a ballpoint, rollerball or gel pen.

Today, the choice to use a fountain pen stems from our love of writing and using a man made tool that some of us feel has more 'soul' than a ballpoint. For all intents and purposes, a fountain pen (FP) forces the writer to write slowly and this indirectly improves ones handwriting. The fountain pen also lends some characteristics to one's handwriting e.g. line variation. You will find that using a fountain pen is less exhausting than using a ballpoint simply because you need less pressure when putting nib to paper.

Look out for Part 2 soon...

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