Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Last Name Is Amane

Went to watch Death Note - The Last Name last night with KY, Suan, Carol and Kim. Thanks to Reta for the tix!

Being a huge fan of the anime (I just finished watching episode 12 and can't wait for more), I had looked forward to the first Death Note movie last year. It was good but did not supplant my preference for the ultra brilliant anime. Now, the 2nd movie is a different beast and completes the picture... it is truly brilliant. Among the best Japanese movies I've seen and definitely earns its place in the pantheon of movies that make Japanese culture what it is. The writing and pacing of the movie is ALMOST faultless and the humour and intelligence of the situations presented is at very least entertaining and attention-worthy.

Among the standouts, apart from Light and L, is Erika Toda who plays Misa Amane (MisaMisa of HappySweets)!!! ^_^

In any case, both the anime and movie had some changes from the manga. My recommendation is that you MUST indeed watch the first movie if you wish to fully make sense of the 2nd one. In any case, it did not prevent some viewers from thoroughly enjoying The Last Name. Whatever is said, just watch BOTH the anime and the movies. You will not be disappointed.

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