Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jeans??? GENES!!!

I used to be a big fan of jeans when I was a young adult. I remember I had a pair of faded 501s that I loved and I wore this pair everyday for 6 months before chucking it into a washing machine. Then when I took it out to dry, it simply disintegrated!

Anyway, I haven't found another pair that I could love up till now. I still have a few pairs of jeans in my cupboard but when I saw this pair of Evisu genes at Wondermomo at a decent price, I couldn't resist it and brought it home. Learn a bit about Evisu here.

Afaik, Evisu are only sold in Malaysia in Parkson KLCC and Wondermomo. Prices at Parkson are high because the product is still very much a premium brand. T-shirts from Evisu are around RM300-400 and the genes (that's the way they spell them in Evisuland) can go above RM1000 easily. Similarly priced jeans from Levi's would be the Limited Editions.

Click on the thumbs for the bigger photos.

The seagull mark of Evisu.

Selvedge denim...

Anyway, something else interesting I got recently from Wondermomo - a Japanese print short sleeve shirt from Fred Perry. I like it!

And today I saw something else I could not resist at the Adidas boutique... the new 2007 All Blacks Jersey! Well made with Climacool. The cutting is huge so it's only M sized to fit me. Love the details in the texture which shows off the fern pattern associated with the New Zealand All Blacks insignia!

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