Friday, March 28, 2008

M.A.C done by Fafi

Last Wednesday saw me attending the M.A.C event which features artwork by French artist, Fafi. Fafi's cute designs which features Fafinettes are splayed on all the new range of cosmetics products and definitely boosts the eye-catching packaging of M.A.C.

In any case, it was a very cool event with vibrant colours hitting every corner of the eye. The area was a little cramped for the hordes of attendees but the finger food was interesting (mini burgers on toothpicks) and champagne flowed incessantly.

Click on the thumbs to see the large picture.

The setup...

Make-up artists busy helping out the guests to try out the new range.

The organizers also setup a very appropriate central display that had popular music video games, Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero for guests to play.

Of course it gave us undescribable sights...

Some guests were jumping with delight. I can tell you from experience, Guitar Hero is orgasmic fun!

Then we were introduced to the cute Fafinettes!

I'm sure you're now curious as to how they look like from the front... well here they are enjoying a round of Guitar Hero!

I'd like to thank Chery Wong, M.A.C's marketing manager, for the invite :)

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