Saturday, November 15, 2008


More than a decade ago, I used to collect comics (I think every guy went through this phase). It was that time that I used to read Wizard Comics magazine, a comics review/preview mag. There was a section for penpals and I vaguely remember sending in my name and address for snail mail penpals. I forgot about this as months went by.

Then one day, I received a letter from the US. I did not recognize the originator but I ripped the envelope open anyway. Inside was the letter and a photo of a naked lady in a very weird pose. You can imagine I was feeling quite surprised and intrigued.

Upon reading the letter, I found out that the writer got to know me from my Wizard posting and wanted to be friends. She also told me that she was a starlet in the porn movie industry.

Of course, any guy would just reply without much hesitation... and we exchanged a few mails over the subsequent months... but after that, she just stopped writing and nothing else happened.

Habis cerita.