Monday, November 15, 2004

Oakley's are cool

Oakley's Chop Top 2.0 titanium... I finally went back to using Oakley's for my prescription glasses. I used to use them but got fed up with Oakley's back then, spare parts were scarce. To top it all off, the glasses were really uncomfortable for my fat head.

So, in between, I bought a pair from Focus Point. Let me tell you about Focus Point glasses... the in-house frames are decent but the in-house lenses are crap... horrible coating that is not durable but expensive!

That said, when I tried these Oakley's, I was happy with the weight of titanium and the colour was excellent (polished brown). I could never wear a pair of Silhouettes (or any rimless brand) as the frames are too thin and I like my frames to contrast with my face.

I got them from Reliance at Bangsar which is truly an institution when it comes to optical wear. The place is perpetually crowded but the service is excellent. Huge range of the latest models. Furthermore, you see local celebs and models patronizing the place. But you know what's the best part of it all? Their prices are not expensive at all! Really competitive.