Monday, July 17, 2006

Among other things...

Here are some shots from Laman 2006 I took yesterday. Wasn't feeling too productive though... it was hot and crowded and there wasn't that much to shoot. At least I ate Nasi Lemak Tanglin after a long time.

Click on the photo for full gallery

On another note, last week had food at Lucky Section 17 again...

Spinach soup with bits of century egg

Hot plate taufu

Chew pai spicy fish... I think siakap is best for this

Last Wednesday attended the Chaumet Boutique Opening at Starhill... I was pleasantly surprised with the event... decent food! Cigars were ok but wine was a bit ugh... there was champagne too. And 5 ex-Miss Malaysias in attendance...

A bit of the lavish setup

Deanna Yusoff being host - she also sang a French song

4 Miss Malaysias in the pic... name them all - event manager Arianna Teoh was around too

Finally, I was in the mood to do some cooking for dinner last night, so I made some nyonya laksa... (this is the simple version since I was only cooking a small portion)


Cucumber, cilantro and daun kesum

Fishball and taugeh

Sambal made from shallots, chili, dried shrimp and belacan

Yellow noodles

Gravy made from spices and santan

And the finished product!

Copyright (c) Kelvin Tan

Have a good day!