Friday, July 07, 2006

Blast From My Past Pt10 - TV and Radio

Those days, we had TV, radio and cinemas to keep ourselves entertained.

On TV, there was the Blacksheep Squadron (Greg Pappy Boyington!) and Combat (starring Vic Morrow). Lots of war series on air indeed. There was also a lot of cowboy series including the Wild Wild West, Bonanza and Maverick. Mostly reruns of American series from the 60s but helluva popular! We had the most expensive TV series at that time, the 6 Million Dollar Man (I love how Lee Majors squints to activate the telescopic vision). Down below are some other series that I grew up with (too many to list them all)

- Voyagers
- Fall Guy
- V
- Knight Rider
- Airwolf
- The Incredible Hulk
- Rich Little's You Asked For It
- Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah
- Drama Minggu Ini
- Hiburan Minggu Ini
- Empat Sekawan
- Police Woman
- Hunter
- Robin Of Sherwood
- Sapphire And Steel
- Man from UNCLE
- The Saint
- Chocky
- Humphrey Bear
- Rolf Harris
- Ultraman

Local comedians were popular back then. While we remained enamoured of P Ramlee and gang, we were also entertained by Mat Sentul, Badul, Jamali Shadat, R Jaafar (pui! tahi kuching!) and the rest of the zany stereotypical characters like Acappan and Tan Ting.

On the radio front, the Blue Network and its latter incarnation, Radio 4, kept us entertained with Kee Huat Radio programmes, Music Machine and mostly stuff related to Patrick Teoh, Faridah Merican and Constance Haslam. I made sure I listened to Casey Kasem every weekend for his Billboard Top 10. I remember winning some small contest on air when I was around 10 years old and it took them about a year before I got my prize (a crummy T-Shirt).