Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blast From My Past Pt8 - Things ain't what they used to be...

... some things we miss and some we don't

1) 500ml glass F&N bottles filled with Orange, Sarsi or Ice Cream Soda.
2) Maggi egg noodles chicken flavour (fat noodles)
3) Apple IIe/+ and its ease of use (Taipan and Lode Runner on 64kb of RAM!)
4) Kacang putih man with table on the head
5) Making razor sharp spinners with flattened bottle caps and string
6) Toy guns that use real gunpowder pellets in red paper strips
7) Making long jump ropes with a ton of rubber bands
8) LeRun and Chopper bikes!
9) Coca Cola yo-yos
10) Rainbow coloured rubber balls attached to elastic strings
11) Tightly rolled long strip of paper attached to bamboo sticks that you whip at ppl
12) White and blue Bata japanese slippers
13) Wise potato chips Ranch cut... Mexicana flavour (green packet)
14) Sunshine bread from the roti man who whacks the iron bell on his tricycle
15) Ultima and Lord British
16) Lonewolf and Create Your Own Adventure books
17) New Thrill (and Malaysian Post)
18) Movie News magazine
19) Doodling on the drawing block
20) Rough Rider cigarettes (I don't smoke)
21) Crusty cut bread from the kedai kopi (save the crust)
22) Raleigh black bicycles
23) Green Spot/Sinalco
24) Mee tembam
25) Mind Your Language

Feel free to add to the list...