Thursday, November 09, 2006

Anatomy Of A Sailor

The Sailor 1911 is the classic flagship pen from Sailor. Though it looks like a Montblanc 146 clone, it's far from that. Sailor pens are often acknowledged to have the smoothest nibs in the world with 21k gold content (rare to find another penmaker with a 21k nib). This 1911 is fitted with an exceptional nib - the Naginata Togi (long curved sword). As you can see, the nib is multi faceted and produces a smooth line with some variation. It can even be used on the reverse side to produce a finer line. The nib is handmade by Sailor's Master Nibmeister, Nobuyoshi Nagahara and this specimen is a Broad version.

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Copyright (c) Kelvin Tan