Friday, November 10, 2006

The Nokia E61

I had been using my faithful Sony Ericsson K700i over the past 2+ years when the LCD decided to conk out on me. While I had the LCD screen replaced for a relatively tiny fee (and the K700i works fine now), I decided to get myself a new phone.

This is what I decided on!

Now, having used various brands over the years, I decided that I really like SE's path of evolution and wanted to get another SE if possible. However, I didn't find any SE that would provide me with the following features

3) Blackberry
4) Large hires display

With the absence of HSDPA handsets in the market, I needed a handset that would transceive data packets at optimal 3G levels...

See detailed E61 specs here!

I was glad to find the E61 being able to work at Level 10 EDGE and also 384kbps 3G (meaning optimum 1st GEN 3G speeds). It is basically the fastest mobile modem available while waiting for HSDPA handsets to be widely available. Couple this with Symbian S60 3rd Edition and voila... the E61 is the choice by default really. The browser works excellent too... and super fast for a mobile platform. So there it is - even though I swore never to use a Nokia again, this is probably the only GOOD VALUE Nokia I would buy right now. The only SE equivalent with similar specs and features? The expensive P990i. Sudahlah...