Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ultimate Casio G-Shocks

Many often consider Casio G-Shock watches to be great value for money and I cannot disagree. However, some are not aware that certain G-Shock models are made in Japan. These are high end G-Shock models that are the flagships for Casio.

Possibly the most highly sought after models are of the MRG range (aka Mister G). These are the finest G-Shock watches Casio produce and damn, they look cool!

The top of the line is the MSRP 180000 YEN monster, the MRG-7500.

Then there's the gorgeous MRG-7100

The most affordable MRG, the MRG-2100, shipped at 65000 YEN

After the MRGs, we have the Mudman... an incredibly tough G-Shock model. Good for use in muddy, damp conditions.

The Mudman also have siblings in models such as the Raysman and the diving watch, the Frogman.

Finally, the recently released Gulfman...

Note that these watches support Waveceptor, i.e. they can scan the radio waves for transmission information of the time from an atomic clock source. Alas, this feature is not supported in Malaysia.

Photos courtesy of Seiya, Watch-Tanaka and Higuchi. Afaik, Seiya and Higuchi are popular choices if you want to purchase online. I've seen occasional Mudmans at Isetan KLCC though.

The official Japanese websites for...


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