Friday, May 30, 2008

140 Years Of IWC

I was priviledged enough to be invited by Valiramgroup and IWC to an exclusive dinner at 3rd Floor Restaurant, JW Marriott a couple of days back to celebrate the Schaffhausen's 140th anniversary. In the spirit of the jubilee, we were told to come in our suits and, at the venue, given steamer hats, scarves and walking sticks to complete the 'vintage' 19th century look.

The place was packed full of enthusiastic collectors but IWC and Valiram did a smashing job of setting up the venue and ensuring everyone had a good time.

Of course, the stars of the evening were the Vintage 1868 collection of IWC watches (both in steel and platinum). I will be shooting and presenting photos of those watches laster this week. Anyway, for the full report of the event

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If you can't view the report, it means that you will need a Purists login (just register for one) or you can simply look at the pics here.

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