Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Bittersweet Seoul Part 3 - Gangnam

Ah Gangnam. The name literally means 'south of the river'. It's easily the most expensive area in all of Korea and houses really luxurious locations such as Apgujeong and Rodeo Street plus the financial and commercial areas of Yeoksam-dong and Teheran Street. It was quite a pleasure to walk down Yeoksam-dong and Samseong-dong to see the hustle and bustle of the city and feel the cold air on my face. With winter coming to an end, the low sun certainly gave a lot of long shadows and it was quite a pleasure to not only take photos but just sit down on a sidewalk bench and watch life go by (when it wasn't TOO cold).

This building is on Teheran Street (aka Teheranno which was named as such since Seoul has a sister city in Teheran. There's also a Seoul street in Teheran fyi). This building actually houses the HQ for the famed software producer, NCSOFT.

A Shinsegae (Samsung Group's departmental store) construction site.

The very impression Hyundai Departmental Store.

More street sights including the new Coex Atrium.

At this point, I'll just continue adding the pics for this area...

View from my room...

These are known as 'winter flowers'...

Next part coming...

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