Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Legend Of Leica

Click on the photo for the full gallery of some quick shots I took of the Leica M8. I have this in my temporary possession until the weekend is over.

Copyright (c) Kelvin Tan

Once the weekend is done, I shall write a review for Click! Magazine for this wonderful specimen of photographic equipment.

What makes a Leica so special? Well some people say it's a photographic tool that's not only robust and superbly made and finished... but also one with no compromise in optical quality. It is said that a Leica M series camera allows one to walk around with a portable camera and produce lovely images with unflinching German technology whilst enjoying the sparse Teutonic design.

What makes a Leica so special, I ask again? It's also got to do with the intangible quality of the package. Leica M cameras make you WANT to go out and shoot. This is the new M8... Leica's first true digital rangefinder camera... and if you want my review, you will just have to make sure you buy the next issue of Click! Magazine ^_^