Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thailand Day 2 - Part 1 Ayuthaya

It was an early Saturday morning when we set off for Ayuthaya...

Ayuthaya's ruins tell the story of a glorious past for Siam and it was indeed irresistable to take countless photos there...

Click the photo below for the full gallery of shots.

After walking tirelessly in the cool but dusty atmosphere, we stopped by a local stall for lunch. It was indeed delicious... pork noodles, fish cake (tod mun pla) and spring rolls! Imagine... a meal of RM13.00 for 3 people! The place was packed full of locals... so you would expect it to be good!

After that quick but extremely tasty lunch, we went on to Wat Yai Chaimongkorn. The place was teeming with devotees and tourists but also exuded a lot of spiritual energy. I did not hesitate to offer some prayers.

Again, click the photo below for the full gallery of shots.

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Day 2 Part 2 coming...

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