Monday, June 23, 2008

Changing My Lifestyle?

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Hmm what have I done to change my lifestyle for the better?

1) Eat healthier - I try to have an early breakfast nowadays. It's so much better for the liver than just a late brunch/lunch and definitely healthier than skipping breakfast and eating 2 meals a day. Contrary to the belief of some, eating breakfast can actually help your metabolic rate and keep your health levels in check.
2) Consolidate finances - well I've more or less stopped several vices (including buying watches, pens, sneakers, etc) but that doesn't mean I've stopped appreciating these fine things.
3) Play more PS3 - heheh... a fine evening can be obtained from a good game at home :)
4) Cook more at home - I've been trying to do more of this so I simply invite friends over to taste my cooking.
5) Do more side jobs - like writing more magazine articles to make extra cash.

One of the things that I must do - sleep more. It's kinda hard for me since I find sleeping in the afternoons a waste of time when there are so many other things I need to do. In any case, ensuring that you have enough sleep helps in increasing metabolic rate and peace of mind as well.

Anyway, extra cash is good... gives me the ability to afford that Hermès belt I've always wanted hahaha...

Also check out the Omega Olympics exhibition!

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