Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hinoki Is Gorgeous

Whoever thought that table tennis blades can be items worth investing in. This blade made with kiso hinoki (japanese cypress) - wood that's at least 300 years old. Such wood, when harvested, is kept to air and dry over a year before being refined further into the shape of the blade you see below (with a luxurious thickness of at least 10mm). Hinoki used for such blades need to be of a certain age in order to achieve the uniform tight grain you see in the pictures below. The Butterfly Kim Taek Soo gets its name from a famous Korean table tennis player and is perhaps the most famous high end single ply japanese penholder (jpen) grip blade from Butterfly using the aforementioned precious wood. Butterfly also produces 2 other high end hinoki single ply jpen blades namely, Cypress Max and the super rare Cypress Special (which can only be obtained from Butterfly via special order). More on the Butterfly Kim Taek Soo here.

In any case, look at the very cute keyholder from Xiom. It looks to also be made from hinoki (though most certainly of lower hinoki quality). The back has Ryu Seung Min's signature - the current Olympic champion and Xiom's ambassador.

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