Thursday, May 31, 2007

Voila! Vacheron Constantin's 2007 SIHH Specialties!

Vacheron's big do at Bacco Restaurant on Tuesday!

Check out my report at Horomundi... click on the photo to view it!

Also seen... a Zenith Grandemaster XXT Tourbillon El Primero Concept! Click on the thumbs for a bigger view...

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Martell Presents KLue RSVP At Ninja Jones

Was joined by Pinkpau for this interesting event at Ninja Jones. KY was supposed to come as well but he FFK as expected. You will find the restaurant to be indeed intriguing especially with the stealthy sliding main doors and also ninjas running about serving your food!

In any case, the RM60 for the set was worth the money (the value was there) although the food was not enough to pass off as a full meal so we had to order some extra dishes to sate our appetites. Service was prompt and efficient so thumbs up there! I half expected some of the ninjas to appear and disappear with smoke bombs or drop from the ceiling to either greet or gut me.

The setup of the restaurant was commendable... very spacious and the decor was tasteful. I particularly enjoyed the katanas on display (even in the toilets) and the water closet had one of those advanced Japanese techie's dream toilet seats.

Anyway click on the thumbs for the larger photos!

The RM60 set for the event had the following dishes. Tasty but not sufficiently filling. The salmon was a little dry and cold probably due to the fact that a lot of dishes had to be prepared in advance. The foie gras was not as smooth as I would like it to be but the portions of the 2 main courses made up for it.

The dessert was the most disappointing dish of the night. Ninjas can't make tiramisu!

We never had a short supply of Martell!

In any case, since the original package did not satiate our hunger, we ordered more food!!! Total bill came to about RM260+ for the 2 of us (including the initial RM60 per pax). Good value I must say.

Tuna sashimi which Su Ann initially refused to touch because of the fact that tuna is getting more and more scarce...

Shuriken No1 which was a yummy roll made from egg, crab, seabass and some other ingredient of which I cannot remember.

Wagyu cubes which was a bit cold even though they were served on a hot plate. We had to wait for them to heat up. It could have been better with some marination. Made for pleasant bite sized pieces though.

Soft shell crab...

Cold inaniwa - the dashi was tasty and the noodles were prepared properly. I hate it when if the noodles are sticky but this one was good enough for me. They were properly 'surprised'. If you are familiar with cold noodle preparation, you would know how important it is to 'surprise' the noodles.

Mr Ninja was there to garrote you if you didn't finish your food!

Anyway some scenes from the restaurant...

Cool sake tower!

And compulsory fake food... so real...

The details make for excellent ambience!

I simply adore the gorgeous kimono centrepiece upstairs!

Even with the mixed experiences with had with the food, we will visit Ninja Jones again as the menu is extensive and had a vast array of original looking dishes.

Thanks to Martell, KLue and Ninja Jones!

On a side note, I got hold of the controversial May 13 book today and showed it to Su Ann...

She was so absorbed in it and didn't want to give it back to me...

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Check it out! JLC 2007 SIHH Specialties!

Last night's dinner by Jaeger Le-Coultre at Sassorosso was a highly memorable one... great food, great people and stunning watches!

Check out my report at Horomundi... click on the photo to view it!

Oh btw, Pinkpau was there too!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's all about T&A

I just checked my photo gallery's site stats and noticed that my most viewed photos are the ones that feature lots of skin, tits and asses from my Japanese toys...

Presenting my most popular photos. Click on the thumbs for detailed analysis!


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The Merdeka Parker 61

Just received spy shots of this limited edition (50 pieces) Parker 61 (which is no longer in production) which will retail at RM2007. To be released in June 2007. The design is supposed to be a replica of the original pen used by TAR for Malaysia's independence.

Click on the thumb below for the discussion on this pen.

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Don't fail to see the forest for the trees...

In this case, ferns...

Click on the thumbs for the full image.

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