Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn Festival... and some shopping!

Well another year has passed and today is, once more, the 2nd most important festival to many Chinese around the world. It's the Mid Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival aka Lantern Festival. So best wishes to you and your family and have a wonderful year ahead and good health to everyone :)

Last weekend I was at Kiara Park and it was heartwarming to see families gathering for a potluck. Also a great chance for kids to play with their lanterns. I saw a man who made a wonderful twin spinning lantern cans with a mobstick and some silicon wheels. It was cool to talk with him and hear his experience making the toy.

It was also interesting to see something else I haven't seen for ages... a coconut broom which someone brought. The broom itself is nothing special, being ubiquitous in many Malaysian houses... but the owner stuck some cloves of garlic and shallots on it as well as some dried chillies. It is supposed to drive off rain and I must say, even though the sky threatened to spill that day, it did not. Hmm...

Anyway, Puma launched the Moon Festival Clyde the past week and, today, it is officially released in some Puma boutiques in Malaysia. I managed to grab a pair of these Limited Editions just in time for the mooncake festival last night. I had called the boutique a few times prior and made sure I got there when I heard the news that they had received stock. The unique features of these sneakers are the Moon design on the tongue tab and the Moon Lady embroidered on the heel tab. The Chinese characters of “月亮” are imprinted on the side. Mita Sneakers in Japan did these collabs and apparently, there are only 242 pairs released in Japan. I have no idea how many pairs these are limited to in Malaysia and Singapore. Price? RM329.

There are actually 2 colourways (silver and burgundy) and I chose silver simply because it looks much more like the moon. In fact, the leather has a moon surface pattern on it.

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger photos.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the Puma boutique in Malaysia now has Puma x Evisu collab jeans series titled, True Love Never Dies (TLND). I had earlier intentions to get a pair in Singapore but I did not have the time to look for the Puma boutique there. In any case, while the black denim series I wanted had yet to arrive, I tried on a pair of these and was really happy with the feel and fit of them so I got a pair. By the way, the jeans come in regular/loose and rigid/worn fits for both sexes. If you're a jeans fan, do check them out. In any case, they're made in Turkey and look good with the small details and the iconic seagull/paint stroke of Evisu (even though they're not Japanese selvedge denim).

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Argyle Keeps Coming Back

There's something about Argyle patterns. They keep coming back and never go out of style... like Paisley.

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Typically, their reappearance heralds the arrival of the Fall/Autumn collections from many fashion houses and this year is no exception.

I find this one from Ben Sherman to be hypnotic...


And a fine example from Banana Republic.


Heck... even women get into it...



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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just A Watch

Picture says it all. Click for larger version.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Zenith 2007 Defy Sport XTreme Stealth and Gold&Ti Launch

Check out my report on this event. Click on the photo below for it.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I raided Singapore and these are my spoils...

Click on the photos for bigger photos...

Ben Sherman polo... from the Fall 2007 collection. Notice the interesting pattern that is only seen in bright light. The paper wrap has wonderful intricate details.

Cap that came with my new Gulfman...

Region 1 300 double disc Special Edition...

In the spirit of the Rugby World Cup 2007 currently ongoing in France...

A couple of Canterbury polos. These are so hard to find in KL.

Springboks World Cup Polo!

Wallabies Training Polo!

And something which I was looking for... the Adidas All Blacks special edition jersey with the World Cup logo. Comes in a special dust jacket and hanger as well. There is one more version - the actual replica jersey that's made in NZ but that one is SGD260 and way beyond my budget. The former is Climacool material whereas the latter uses thicker and more robust Climalite cloth.

Also I spotted something unexpected at the Adidas Originals boutique. It's a special All Blacks Originals Track Top (different from the regular one). Has an oversized fern logo and a black Adidas logo and stripes.

Of course who could forget sneakers - I finally got a pair with the Kill Bill colour scheme. A pair of Injector DX from Three Star Sixty.

Also managed to find something I was REALLY interested in. The retro Puma Argentina OG (Limited Edition). Found a pair at the Limited Edition Vault in The Heeren. There are only 240 pairs in the world and mine is 151/240.

Copyright (c) Kelvin Tan

Don't ask me how much I spent...

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